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Set Out of office for multiple users

If you need to set the out of office for multiple users you can use a powershell script Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration ALIAS -AutoReplyState scheduled -StartTime “07/12/2013 14:05:00” -EndTime “08/05/2013 08:00:00” -ExternalAudience all -InternalMessage $oof -ExternalMessage $oof where the variable $oof is a predefined message. $oof = “I’m not in the office currently” Here I’ll give a more… Read More »

Personalize Users Microsoft office

Having problems when users try to open a office document that is already open by another user but it doesn’t show the username.  The problem usually resides around a missing registry key at HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeCommonUserInfo run the following VBS script as a logon script to set the registry key correctly. on error Resume Next const HKEY_CURRENT_USER… Read More »