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Licensing Office 365 via script

Powershell script that can be adapted to license Office 365 with various service plans. Import-Module MSOnline  Connect-MsolService -Credential $Credentials $SessionParams = @{     ConfigurationName = “Microsoft.Exchange”     ConnectionUri = “”     Credential = $Credentials     Authentication = “Basic”     AllowRedirection = $true}   $Session = New-PSSession @SessionParams Import-PSSession -Session $Session -DisableNameChecking:$true -AllowClobber:$true | Out-Null #Get… Read More »

Outlook 2016 with exchange 2013 office 365 hybrid, requesting logon, ADFS

If you’ve migrated users to Office 365 (exchange online) and users get prompted for a password when opening outlook you more than likely need to enable Modern Authentication for Exchange Online ( Open a Powershell prompt and connect to Exchange online by the following steps. $UserCredential = Get-Credential Enter user credentials for office 365 *@*… Read More »