Netgear Readydata 5200 Replicate problems not showing in web interface

By | April 30, 2014

If your suffering problems with the replicate between 2 NAS and you’ve already ruled out networking issues then you can access SSH and restart the following services and it generally solves the problem.  Obviously contact Netgear support first

  1. Enable SSH via the web GUI, I suggest you leave this enabled just in case you lose the web GUI at any point you can restart via SSH.
  2. Use Tera Term or similar to connect to the 5200 on port 22.
  3. enter privilege mode by typing
    su root
  4. list the services by entering
    svcs -a
  5. Your looking for two services replicate and leafp2p
  6. now use either
    svcadm restart replicate


    svcadm restart leafp2p
  7. or
  8. svcadm disable replicate

    followed by

    svcadm enable replicate
  9. svcadm disable leafp2p

    followed by

    svcadm enable leafp2p
  10. repeat on the 2nd box test the replicate again.