Netgear ReadyData 5200 unable to access Web GUI, trying to restore connection

By | April 30, 2014

Most GUI issue have been resolved in firmware 1.4 but if you find that you are locked out of the web GUI and you have SSH enabled you can restart the service to sort the issue.

Obviously contact Netgear Support before doing this.

  1. Use Tera Term or similar to connect to the 5200 on port 22.
  2. enter privilege mode by typing
    su root
  3. The service that runs the GUI is readynasd enter svcs -xv readynasd
  4. svcadm clear readynasd
  5. svcs -xv readynasd
  6. svcs check the service
  7. check the logs cat /var/log/readynasd/readynasd.log

Test and done